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About Us

Welcome to the Westfield Parent Teacher Council!

What is the PTC?

We’re an organization consisting of parents and teachers who volunteer their time to meet several objectives, all with the ultimate aim of benefiting the children in the school.

What does the PTC do?

We run events and programs that address five areas:

  1. Educational Enrichment: Field Trips, Science Night, Junior Great Books, Outdoor Education, Great America Reading Program, Art Appreciation, Family Art Night.
  2. Family Events: Fall Festival, Winter Wonderfest, Enchanted Castle, Ice Cream Social, Mother/Son Bowling, Daddy/Daughter Dance, Roller Skating Party, Movie Night, Bingo Night, Westfield RunWild.
  3. Hospitality & School Spirit: Room Parents, Teacher Appreciation Day, New Family Welcome, Spirit Wear, Birthday Books, Mileage Club, Monthly Bulletin Board.
  4. Community & Communication: Hotline, School Directory, Memory Book, SIT Team, Community Outreach.
  5. Fundraising: Westfield RunWild, Cookie Sale, Book Fairs, Square 1 Art, Box Tops for Education, Adult Social/Auction.

How is the PTC run?

We hold monthly meetings for members to discuss PTC events, and for Committee Chairpersons to report on progress for upcoming events. The PTC communicates to parents through the monthly Hotline. The Hotline, PTC meeting agendas and minutes as well as other PTC information are also available on the school website You can also e-mail us at

Who is on the PTC?

The PTC consists of an Executive Board, Board and General Membership.

  • The Executive Board consists of five officials elected for a two year term:

○ Co-Presidents
○ Vice-President
○ Secretary
○ Treasurer

  • The Board consists of all the Committee Chairpersons, two teacher representatives and the school Principal. The Committee Members are responsible for all aspects of their committee and are entitled to vote at all PTC meetings.
  • The General Membership consists of all the Westfield families who pay the $5 membership fee during registration, as well as all staff. Members are entitled to introduce motions, place items on the agenda and debate during PTC meetings. All members are entitled to vote during the two General Membership meetings in October (to approve the budget) and April (to vote on Executive Board nominations).

Who decides how to raise and spend the money?

The Executive Board prepares the budget and presents it to the General Membership for approval in October. Any significant unbudgeted expenses that arise are approved by the Board by voting at a PTC meeting. All members are invited to propose purchases. All purchases must directly benefit the children.

Where does the money come from?

We have an annual budget of approximately $25,000. This money is raised through a variety of events, with the major fundraising through the Westfield RunWild, cookie sale and adult social. However, we also depend on other events throughout the year, including book fairs, movie nights, Winter Wonderfest, Square 1 Art fundraiser and Box Tops.

Where does the money go?

Funds are split among multiple events. These include purchasing books for the LMC (library), the Cultural Arts Program (four educational assemblies), teacher discretionary funds, Outdoor Education, Science Night and many other events. Additional purchases are made as needs arise. For example, PTC funds  purchased the playground equipment, the school sign, the gym scoreboard, and Smart Boards for the classrooms and library.

How can you get involved?

  • Attend meetings. All parents and staff are invited to attend PTC meetings. At the meetings you can learn about upcoming events and add your voice to the discussion.
  • Volunteer your time. All PTC committees need volunteers to chair them or to spare an hour or two to work on a committee by just helping out at the actual event. There are many events that take place in the evening, and it is usually acceptable for well behaved smaller children to accompany you.
  • Stay updated. Read the monthly Hotline to keep abreast of upcoming events, fundraising activities or specific volunteer needs that arise during the school year.

What do the Committee Chairpersons do?

  • Organize all aspects of the event including:
    • Coordinate with vendors, if needed.
    • Work with volunteers to help run the event.
    • Manage the event budget.
    • Advertise the event in the Hotline.
  • Attend the PTC meeting before and after the event to report on progress and to discuss any changes planned from prior years.

What do Committee Volunteers do?

  • This varies from event to event. Mostly this involves an hour or two of your time.
  • Please see the list of committee descriptions for more information on what is needed, or contact the committee chairperson listed. Both are included in the Directory.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at We look forward to getting to know you!